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We have the Elegoo Jupiter 6k!

We have the Elegoo Jupiter 6k!

Hello, everyone we have the Elegoo Jupiter 6k! If you haven’t already heard, we have a new printer, but it’s not just any printer—easily it’s one of the best printers available. If you haven’t already heard, please allow me to break the news to you. A the moment everyone in the 3D printing community is buzzing about the new Elegoo Jupiter 6k that has just been released, and we’ve took the extra steps for our devoted customers to go that extra mile to bring you the greatest models. That’s right, we’ve gone and obtained one for all of you who shop with us! The addition of this additional piece of machinery to the DG family will make it possible for us to print the miniatures that you purchase at a resolution of 6K.

In the latter part of 2021, Elegoo made it available on Kickstarter, this incredible piece of hardware, and it quickly garnered the support of more than 5000 Backers.
Those who are unfamiliar with the Jupiter should know that it is the most recent addition to Elegoo’s product line and that it enables the user to print miniatures that are clean, crisp, and elegant by making use of technology that has a resolution of 6k. In turn, this means that the models you ask us to print will be top contenders on the market for three-dimensional products. We are extremely delighted to have our headquarters in the wonderful city of Norwich, and we are even prouder to be able to supply the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States with prints of the highest possible quality that represent the next generation of our industry.

Today, our Jupiter printed its very first model, and the results are nothing short of astounding; the extra 2K picks up such incredible detail in the tiniest of spaces, and it’s quite remarkable. When this is combined with the Siraya Tech resin that we use, it indicates that the quality of everything that we are presently printing is among the highest possible. Because we believe that it is necessary to provide the finest possible quality, we have made the decision to roll this out to you guys. This way, you won’t be disappointed in any way, and ideally, you will fall in love with your miniatures, models, and statues.

You may be wondering what the future holds for the Drunken Guard? Well, at the present we will be putting more and more miniatures out on the Elegoo Jupiter 6K, and if something else comes out to increase our miniature range, you can be assured that we will bring it out for you. W will Aim to increse the amount of Jupiters that we currently have so we can deal with the workload allowing us to dispatch your miniatures ever quicker! If we are fortunate enough we may even have some spare time to create stock, allowing us to move to events such as Comic-Con in London, Manchester and Birmingham!

For the time being, that is all we have to say about it, so until the next time we wish you all the very best and a happy gaming!

Drunken Guard Shield