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Mazza, The Ruthless Rogue

Mazza, The Ruthless Rogue

The Dragons Guild has recently introduced a brand new miniature model that is accessible to obtain via Kickstarter. This miniature is certain to make an impression in the world of miniatures. The miniature is a ruthless rogue that goes by the name of Mazza, and she arrives with her pet called Mimi.


The female model known as Mazza is available in two different sizes, 75mm and 32mm. Mazza has an abundance of meticulous details, such as a menacing flail, flawless hair, and a terrifying pet tucked away beneath her boot. Mimi, the Mimic that can be obtained, she is a cute and dangerous little creature with a personality of her own, which makes her an excellent addition to any collection.


The Mazza Kickstarter campaign has already been started, and the early returns are giving the supporters of the project reason to be optimistic. The team working, Dragons Guild, is now focused on the future and has decided to extend the prizes they are providing to individuals who have pledged their support for the project. As the campaign develops, fans of Mazza will have the chance to claim their very own Mazza and Mimi figurines, in addition to gaining access to exclusive miniatures that will only be available via the campaign.


The crew at Dragons Guild has put in a lot of effort to make a stunning miniature for aficionados of the genre, and the reaction to Mazza and Mimi has been incredibly good. This is one Kickstarter campaign that is certain to be a success because to the extra perks and awards that are being offered. Mazza and Mimi are the ones to go to if you want a one-of-a-kind and intricately detailed figurine for your collection of miniatures.

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