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Flesh of Gods

Flesh of Gods

We were searching through Patreon during December for a designer who could assist us with our lack of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures, since we did not have enough miniatures to offer in our shore. We finally struck gold when we came to the Flesh of Gods after we had scrolled through for some time. When I came across the incredible range of miniatures created by Flesh of Gods, I just could not pass up such an amazing opportunity, and as a result, we reached out to them as swiftly as we could and did so without a single hesitation.

The last few months have been nothing short of incredible for us, and it’s all because to the fact that we started working with Flesh of Gods quite some time ago. They have included a wide selection of brand-new Heroes, NPCs, Monsters, Villains, and Scenery that are completely unique and quite different from what was accessible in the months before this one. You can tell that this designer is passionate about their work because they put in a lot of effort to ensuring that the miniatures, they create for their fans are of the best possible quality. This is one of the ways that you can tell that they are committed to their craft. I can state without a shadow of a doubt that these miniatures are cherished by each and every customer since they are regularly the most popular items purchased from our webstore.

We recently increased the number of sizes at which we produce the miniatures, and as a result of this expansion, we are now able to put even more detail into the finished piece. You may have read in a previous post that we have recently acquired the Elegoo Jupiter 6k, which is an extremely powerful printer that can successfully reproduce any miniature. As I’m sure all of you other miniature painters can sympathize to, I recently printed my favourite model from Flesh of Gods so I can have it in 180mm and it’s waiting for me to paint it, together with all the other miniatures I very much want to paint.

The tremendous extent to which Flesh of Gods are willing to go is a subject that ranks among the most intriguing topics we can discuss today. Recently, we have had conversations with them, and during those conversations, they shared with us that they do not consider Flesh of Gods to be just an STL miniature company and that they want to grow the business into other sectors. The Brazilian Studio has said that they want to create new media for players to explore in the D&D world, and that this involves the creation of new Lore. While they were discussing the development of new lore, it sounded as if they were quite enthusiastic about writing fictitious tales and even developing board games.

It is incredible to see the fresh lore that they have incorporated into the monthly release, which is something I must mention. They have provided their very own statblocks with a wide range of Challenge Ratings for each and every one of their antagonists and antagonistic beasts. They have also said that they are working on whole new campaigns for all of us to explore, loaded with intriguing one-shots and adrenaline pumped encounters, and that these new campaigns will be available very soon. You shouldn’t have to worry about the balance of original and classical fantasy since Flesh of Gods has a phenomenal grasp on the correct equilibrium; in fact, you shouldn’t have to worry about the balance at all.

Having said all of that, Flesh of Gods miniatures now have their own category in our online store, making it much simpler for each of you to locate them. Additionally, we will continue to support each other in order to provide you miniatures from both of our companies concurrently. For the time being, this concludes our conversation, and I want to wish you the very best of luck in achieving your natural 20s. To that end, we want to wish you the very best and a prosperous gaming experience till we see you again. Happy gaming!



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