Ignistor, Eternal Fire Dragon



This incredible Dragon miniature, Ignistor, Eternal Fire Dragon, is eager to provide a hand in your quests so that you and your company can make lasting memories. You will be whisked away to a fantastical world of imagination and magic when you browse at our store. Our mini releases come out once a month, and they are designed to aid you with every hero, villain, monster, and non-playable character (NPC) that you will ever build.

This model, along with all of the other miniatures sold in the Dragons Guild store, has been completely and legitimately licenced by the creators of the models. Because the details will be printed using an GK2 at 8k resolution with Siraya tech resin, the miniatures you order will have a high level of clarity, a crisp appearance, and a gorgeous finish. They are then fully cured and made ready for the next stage. I will then remove all supports, unless specifically instructed otherwise, and clean the model to the greatest extent possible. Even though we will always do our best to clean up your model, there is a possibility that it will still require a little bit of sanding.

Just to be clear the base size will always match what you pick, but the heights are a rough estimate as models can vary depending on the style of the model. Please message us if you would like the exact size. All heights are measured from the toe of the miniature to its eyeline and for serpents it will be from tip of tail to nose.

If you cannot see the size that you want, feel free to drop us a message and we can help you with your needs from there.

Miniatures can be painted, just reach out to us and ask for a quote.

Models will be posted separated from their base. Packaged with bubble wrap and packing paper for support and protection.
I aim to get all parcels sent before the dispatch date and all parcel collections and drop offs are made on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday unless they are on express delivery.