COG media builds our website

COG media designs the Drunken Guard website

When it came to getting a website we had to keep it in the family. Martyn at COG media was my first and only choice. He went thru all the options and how the site would work. Showing us how we would put our own products on and add content to the WordPress ecommerce website. Adding his flare for design and going the extra mile to maek sure out 3D printing online store stud out from the others we’d looked out.

At Drunken Guard Studios we offer high quality resin based 3D miniatures at an affordable price. Ideal for table top gaming or just for display disarmers. We’ve got great plans for the future and some massive prints coming with updates to our printer coming online soon.

We are also looking to get some featured painters linked to the Drunken Guard Studios, so if you’re a dab hand at painting 3D miniatures and have a good following on social media we are looking to hear from you.

We’ll be adding new franchise over the coming weeks and months keep an eye on our drunken tales for up dates and additions to our growing catalogue.