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Welcome to Dragon Guild Miniatures

The Dragon Guild Miniatures aim is to to help others to enjoy their gaming as much as we do! Formed in fine city, Norwich, we hope to bring you all that you need to create your own world for any Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, to bring life to any dioramas or even add beautiful models to your Warhammer armies.

Dice heads

Blimps, Carts and Automobiles

Check out our ever increasing transport models. Our highly detailed 3D print will amazing and enthral all that behold them

Nice Bush

Take your desktop gaming to another level. Our growing (forgive the pun) vegetation and plant catalogue will add to your gaming experience. 

Popular Miniatures

Sloth Wizard


Axolotl Rogue


Axolotl Barbarian


Fungal Cave Beast


Yak Druid


Check out our featured miniatures

As we are passionate about our figures we have hand selected models we think you’ll love.